If I kept a diary the following would be included.

December 2014 – my daughters anxiety, fear and panic attacks are so strong they are stopping her from being the 16 year old she wants to be. Invited out with friends for Christmas meals and parties, she sits all dressed up in her bedroom and can’t leave the house. This anxiety and fear has affected her life for over 2 years now- it is better than it was but still blights her every day. It breaks my heart.
January 2015 – the first day back at school after the Christmas holidays my daughter M, can’t leave the house – the panic attacks are evident and the fear is acute. The second day she manages to go to school, but i have an emergency call at work to come and fetch her, she is in a terrible state.

Her big wish is just to be able to go for a pizza with her friends and walk into school without any anxiety every day. That doesn’t seem a lot to ask for, but i know for her it just seems impossible.

Fast forward 2 months

March 2015 – M has had sleep overs, been to a party and has even got a part time job in a tea shop! She barely has a backward glance to the car when she walks into school – every day! The only thing different in her life is hypnotherapy.

The best phone call i have ever made! In January 2015 i called Sue Starr. I outlined my daughters problems and Sue felt that she would be able to help. The first session M was unbelievably nervous, she was tearful and anxious in the car, but also with a steely determination to stop this cycle of anxiety. With just 5 visits to Sue, i have watched my daughter blossom in front of my eyes. I have seen her grow in confidence, in belief in herself, and even when things are tough she faces them head on. Since her first visit to Sue, she hasn’t had a single panic attack, or day off school and even sat all her mock exams. Sue was warm and kind to both me and M because whilst it was my daughter that was experiencing the mental health problems the ripple affect to me and my life has been enormous. As a parent you are only ever as happy as your saddest child, and i have had a very very sad child. M wanted me to sit in with her during the sessions and that was no problem at all, i felt wanted and welcomed by Sue and part of the session, not in the way at all. We were given techniques to practice at home, which we followed through.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sue to anyone, I wish I had called years earlier, but so grateful that I found her when i did. I have my beautiful confident daughter back again – something that in my darkest days i never thought would be possible. Whilst going to school every day and having a pizza is no big deal to the majority of teenagers it was a herculean task for M, but now she is just like every other teenager and I love it. M and me are always grateful for ordinary days, because that means life is as it should be! Thank you Sue for making life ordinary again, its so special.

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