“My 9 year old son was stung by a swarm of wasps and had lost all confidence in himself. He had stopped going outdoors to play, stopped sleeping and was in total meltdown whenever he saw any kind of insect. We waited and waited for the ‘system’ to help us, but family life was unrecognisable, as was my son, and we were pointed in Sue’s direction by our friend and school nurse.  Sue is a mum too – which was an immediate relief – her instant rapport with my boy was heart-melting – I felt she treated him like her own.  He says “she is kind and calm”.  Through a variety of techniques she slowly brought him back to me – his confidence is higher than it ever has been – and whilst it took some time we can now play outdoors and lead the active lifestyle we used to have.  Throughout our time Sue was flexible and understanding and kept me fully informed regarding the sessions she had with my son.  He loved visiting.  Therapy for a younger child is hard to find – so many people focus on teens and adults – I would whole-heartedly recommend seeing Sue with any concerns you may have.  I would trust her with my son’s life – since she gave it back to him – and I know that she will be honest and open with anyone that approaches her for advice and help.  You will never look back.”