“Just after starting secondary school, our daughter had an incident where she was being bullied.  With the stress of this, the feeling of being lost in a new school and the extra homework load, she soon started feeling low and depressed.

On top of all this, she got a very bad dose of tonsillitus.  To begin with Doctors and consultants were saying it was all psychological as she found it hard to eat.  After a couple of months going backwards and forwards between Doctors and Hospitals and getting nowhere, we decided to give Hypnotherapy a try.

We found Sue through the internet.  We took our defiant daughter who did not want to go (because of all the upsets of visiting Doctors etc) and brought a daughter home after her session with Sue, with a smile on her face and feeling more relaxed.  After a few more visits with Sue our daughter is eating well, coping with school and feeling a lot more positive.

We are grateful to Sue who is a fantastic lady for giving our loving, full of life daughter back to us”