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Many people at some point in their lives suffer insomnia or some other form of sleep disorder. This can be difficulty getting to sleep, or waking up too soon – during the night, typically between 3am and 5am, or early in the morning, well before the alarm goes off – and being unable to get back to sleep, or sleeping restlessly and fitfully. You may find that such problems start, or get worse, when you are busy or at times of stress and anxiety.

Our therapy techniques teach you to switch off, to attain a deep state of relaxation, to focus away from stressful, anxious thoughts, and to let go and fall asleep.

We often use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to offer a safe and effective insomnia cure. Unlike with prescription or over-the-counter drugs to aid sleep, there are no short-term side effects – you will awake feeling refreshed after your night’s sleep, rather than feeling as if you are still in sleep mode, sluggish and finding it difficult to concentrate. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis to aid sleep is not associated with the long-term problems found with sleep medicines, either – dependency, an inability to stop taking the remedy, and the fact that as soon as you stop taking the medicine, your problems sleeping will re-occur.

Hypnosis and relaxation remain just as effective over time in aiding sleep as they are when they are first tried – unlike medicines, to which tolerance is built up, requiring you to gradually take increased amounts in order to get the same effect. In fact, the more that you are experienced in using hypnosis and relaxation to aid sleep, the better you become at it – exactly the opposite effect to that of sleep medicines and drugs, which work less and less well as time goes on.