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How many sessions will I need?

This is dependent on several factors; however, we look to make positive improvements to our clients within between 3 and 6 sessions. We feel that if our programme is likely to have a positive outcome, then this will become apparent within a relatively few sessions.  Our philosophy is based around moving forward positively with action.

Can you solve all young people’s issues with your programme?

Definitely not!  There are a range of therapeutic services that are available outside of our expertise and choosing the right approach for the individual is critical.  During the telephone consultation or first meeting, we will establish what we are able to achieve.  It is not in our interest to deliver an inappropriate therapy and will withdraw from engaging in a programme if we feel that the issues or problems are best addressed with another solution.

Can I get results quickly?

Sometimes yes – sometimes no!  Depending on the problems and on the individual’s response to therapy.  Although certainly, if you are wanting support and willing to engage in the therapy then results are more likely and improvements are often seen following the first session.  There is no magic wand unfortunately – if only life was so easy!

What do I do now?

Please contact us for an initial, no obligation phone conversation to see if we can help and we can take it from there.