“In September 2011 I fell from my horse whilst jumping a fence on a fun ride, I knocked myself unconscious and ended up in A&E with concussion. Following this I didn’t jump for over 8 months and then it was just tiny jumps as my nerves wouldn’t allow me to do anything bigger. I experienced a feeling of nausea and tried to find reasons for not going whenever I was going to a riding club clinic and it got to the stage where for 2 days before I started talking myself out of going as the fear of jumping was so bad. I visited Sue for 3 sessions of therapy which proved to be fantastic. From the very first session I was so much more positive and the nerves started to ease, by session 3 I was regularly jumping at clinics and had lost the sick feeling completely. My confidence has grown and I now regularly compete at shows jumping 90cm and have recently jumped over 1m at home. I can not recommend Sue enough, it is just amazing!”