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Exam stress in particular can cause problems with eating, sleeping, anger and anxiety levels. If a young person is already experiencing emotional or stress related problems, exam stress can be the last straw.  It can be the tipping point that exposes underlying or longer term issues.

Equally, some people (often due to previous experiences) can say they “just hate, and can’t perform” in an exam situation.  All else in life is good, but “put me in an exam room and start a clock and I go to pieces”.

Our first approach, as with all our clients, is to really establish whether exam stress is the problem or whether it is a symptom of another issue.

The ability to perform under pressure faces most people in all walks of life; educational, sporting, work.  Why can some people perform and others crumble (England footballers taking penalties springs to mind!).  We give you tools and techniques to allow you to control your behaviours and actions to focus your strengths and skills to perform under this pressure.  We help you to understand how to use the pressure to increase your performance levels rather than let the pressure have a negative impact on your performance.