Teenage Emotional Stress Therapy was developed due to the increasing numbers of young people experiencing pressures and stress that have a negative impact on their education, relationships and general wellbeing. If you are a teenager reading this, you are probably not the only person in the world with your challenges.  If you are a parent, your child is not abnormal and you are not a bad parent.  Life in today’s society is fast paced, target and achievement driven, information is instant and all around; our brains can struggle to cope with this.  IT IS OK! Making the first step in moving forward more positively is often the hardest.  We are sensitive to this and take as much time as necessary prior to engaging with an individual in a therapy programme.  Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any specific questions, thoughts or concerns surrounding our programmes.

Exam Stress
Coursework Related Stress
Managing Expectations Related Stress
Bullying Related Stress
Self Esteem
Insomnia Related Stress